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New & Upcoming: Publication

My transcript of an interview between theatre director and playwright Emily Mann and editors Geraldine Brodie and Emma Cole is to be published as part of Routledge’s Advance in Theatre & Performance Studies series in Adapting Translation for the Stage.

Adapting Translation for the Stage (Hardback) book cover

Entitled ‘Multiple Roles and Shifting Translations’, the transcript can be found under section 22 of this collection of case studies and dialogues that explore the hotly contested topic of translation for performance.


Mélodie Teruel-Vaissière
English>French Translator and Director of Akross


How to Localize a Website

How can your organization successfully reach out to a particular audience? If you just looked up how to localize a website then chances are you already know that localization allows you to relate to different audiences in a way that a single platform simply would not. You may also know that even when targeting a foreign country, it never is only a matter of word-for-word translation. Read the rest of this entry »

Getting Your Content Out There with Localization

Our main area of specialization is content localization: from translating text to subtitling promotional videos and visuals, we use our knowledge of the local culture to relate your content to its target audience.

Browse our services area and get in touch if you’d like to receive some advice regarding your own localization project.

Alain on Radical Minds – Extracts


There is a part of dancing and singing in all joint action, and it is not that which matters the less. Order is then cause and effect. The attention we give it is adherence; it is not much to say we approve it, we are master and servant as it takes place. Thus order is neither endured nor wanted; it ranges below endurance and will; it belongs to life, in the same manner as breathing does. Read the rest of this entry »

No, Men Did Not Always Wage Wars

Debunking the myth of a wild and bellicose prehistory


Is human violence innate or induced by context? Today, anthropological and archaeological research enable us to provide a better answer to a question that divided the greatest philosophers. War, it seems, only broke out with the emergence of a production-based economy and the disruption of Neolithic social structures, about ten thousand years ago. Read the rest of this entry »

French Republicans Revise Principles of Nationality, Arte’s Detox

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‘Donya -press’ in the Making

Logo WP FR

Taking a look at what the name ‘Donyapress’ is made up of. As often those words that sit on the surface of the web, the names we live by daily (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) reflect our society and its modes of interaction, or simply evoke the din of the world.

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Haitian Literature Takes a Moon Dip


Haitian author Yanick Lahens was awarded the Prix Femina for her novel Bain de lune (Moon Dip) on Monday. In it she describes her country with a forceful beauty — the destruction that befell it, political opportunism, families torn apart, and the spellbinding words of Haitian farmers who solely rely on subterranean powers.

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Why France’s Intentions to Recognize Palestine Are at a Deadlock

On the day following the vote by the British Parliament on the recognition of the State of Palestine, French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, insisted that the recognition of Palestine must not be solely ‘symbolical’. While at the same time, conceding that the debate, as far as France is concerned, is at a standstill, by declaring that the recognition of Palestine will take place ‘in due time’. Thus postponing what a great number of countries — now North and South, including Britain, and the Kingdom of Sweden — have finally come to integrate. Read the rest of this entry »

The Beauty of ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’ Past the Controversy


What an odd story, so French in a sense, this Blue is the Warmest Color, released 22 November, in an inextricable mix of joy and pain. Franco-Tunisian director Abdellatif Kechiche’s fifth feature film has first had the honour, Sunday 26 May, of receiving the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Festival, the greatest tribute filmmakers might dream of.

There are two more reasons to rejoice to add to the first. To be the seventh Palme to have been awarded to a French film since the creation of the prize in 1995, which is a relatively rare event — and what makes it all the more so precious. Read the rest of this entry »