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Getting Your Content Out There with Localization

Our main area of specialization is content localization: from translating text to subtitling promotional videos and visuals, we use our knowledge of the local culture to relate your content to its target audience.

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French Republicans Revise Principles of Nationality, Arte’s Detox

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Why France’s Intentions to Recognize Palestine Are at a Deadlock

On the day following the vote by the British Parliament on the recognition of the State of Palestine, French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, insisted that the recognition of Palestine must not be solely ‘symbolical’. While at the same time, conceding that the debate, as far as France is concerned, is at a standstill, by declaring that the recognition of Palestine will take place ‘in due time’. Thus postponing what a great number of countries — now North and South, including Britain, and the Kingdom of Sweden — have finally come to integrate. Read the rest of this entry »